July 2017 Meeting Minutes
Author Trish Hayden
Sunday - September 10, 2017 1:25 pm
Minutes of the
July 20, 2017
Timberland Lutheran Church, 20805 County Road H, Barronett
The meeting was called to order by Chairman Odden at 7:00 pm.
Present: Greg Odden, Lee Huber, Trish Hayden, Tyler Odden, Steve Madison, Serena Fankhauser
Serena Fankhauser was sworn into office as the new treasurer.
The minutes of the previous regular meeting were approved as read.
Treasurer’s Report
Cash on Hand as of June 30, 2017:  $33,557.53
Clerk’s Report
Checks # 8257-8267 in the amount of $15,401.41 were presented for payment. There was a motion by Lee Huber, 2nd   by Tyler Odden to pay bills as submitted.  MC
Check #8256 in the amount of $65.00 was void as it was sent to the previous treasurer of the Burnett County Towns Association and never cashed.
Old Business
New Business 
After much discussion, there was a motion by Tyler Odden, 2nd by Lee Huber to have Steve Madison gravel 1 mile of Spring Lake Rd from the 4 corners of Heart Lake Rd south. MC
There was a motion by Lee Huber, 2nd by Tyler Odden to approve bartender licenses for Timberland Bar & Grill. The licenses are for Thomas Zappa, Laura Anderson, Clarice Schultz, Craig Johnson, and Jacob Gerlach. MC
The August meeting will on the 22nd.
There was a motion by Lee Huber, 2nd by Tyler Odden to adjourn the meeting at 8:19. MC
Respectfully submitted,
Patricia Hayden, Clerk