March 2017 Minutes
Author Trish Hayden
Sunday - May 7, 2017 10:48 am
Minutes of the
March 14, 2017
Timberland Lutheran Church, 20805 County Hwy H Barronett
The meeting was called to order by Chairman Odden at 7:00 pm.
Present: Greg Odden, Frank Graf, Lee Huber, Erica Olson, Trish Hayden, Steve Madison, Jim Tolbert, Wayne Romsos, Jon Mattson, Duane Johnson
Public Input
Duane Johnson was present to update the board on changes at the county level. Duane stated the town should inform Chris Sybers that our municipality will not be contracting with Burnett County Town’s Association for ambulance service, as we are currently contracted with Cumberland Ambulance Service. The clerk will send a letter to Chris informing him of our contract with Cumberland.
Jon Mattson, the town UDC inspector, was present to update the board on building inspections and permits being required in digital format by January 2018.
Jim Tolbert was present from Burnett County Emergency Management to update the board on long term power outage procedures.
There was a motion by Lee Huber, 2nd by Frank Graf, to approve the minutes of the previous regular meeting. MC
Treasurer’s Report
Cash on Hand as of February 28, 2017:  $125,589.41
Clerk’s Report
Checks # 8203-8219 in the amount of $4462.36 were presented for payment. There was a motion by Frank Graf, 2nd   by Lee Huber to pay bills as submitted.  MC
Old Business
The target date to update the bridge on Bakker Rd is 2019. The cost share cap is expected to be about $265,000, including $35,000 for engineering costs, with the township expected to pay 10% of the final cost. There is currently no plan in place, but there are a couple of proposals.
New Business 
There was a motion by Lee Huber, 2nd by Frank Graf, to keep the liquor, wine, and beer license fees the same. MC
The newsletter is on hold pending dates for board of review and town cleanup.
The annual meeting will be Tuesday, April 18th @ 7 pm, followed by the monthly board meeting, at Timberland Lutheran Church.
Motion by Frank Graf, 2nd by Lee Huber to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 pm. MC.
Respectfully submitted,
Patricia Hayden, Clerk